Frequently Asked Questions

Is my furniture worth restoring?

We’ve been at this a long time and we can usually tell how valuable your piece is….and also realistically price the repair or restoration…and then you can make your own decision.  Often furniture has a sentimental value that only you can factor in.

Will you come to my house to look at my stuff?

Of course.  We will make an appointment and come to your home and look at your project and make an estimate before we do any work.

What if I want to just sell you my old piece?

Let’s talk.  We are open to buying your unwanted items.

Can you change the look/style of my furniture?

Often we can, but its on a case-by-case basis.

Will refinishing hurt the value of my item ?

It depends on several factors: Age, Origin, Maker, Provenance , Pedigree, Condition.

In very general and loose terms, if  your item is just aged and old there  probably is no value to be concerned about.

On the other hand, if you have a Fine Antique that has not been disturbed for the past Century, then you may have good reason to be concerned and the best thing is to Restore the old finish.

What’s the difference between Restoring the finish and Refinishing ?

When you ask for refinishing: the item is stripped down to bare wood.

When you ask for the finish to be Restored, the old finish is not removed.

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